On behalf of the LED Board:  The Leif Erikson Day, Inc. organization was Eric’s inception, creation, by his invitation and executed with his ideas.    We hope, because of his love of Westby and his Norwegian heritage, that we will make this festival a legacy to make him proud. We  would like the following thoughts from our vice president to speak for us.  Jess writes:    “I had come to know Eric through my job at the Westby library. He was the first person to send me a Facebook friend request when I got the job. I thought ‘who is this Eric Leum cat and how does he know me?’ You see, I have set my Facebook profile to be only visible to ‘friends of friends’ so I was confused as to who would know me in Westby. I accepted his request and moved along with my job. It wasn’t until a couple years later that I came to really know Eric – when he asked me to the first Leif Erikson Day, Inc. meeting. The idea for this celebration was all Eric! He was so proud of our Westby community and its history. He was always cheerful. Always had a smile. Always had the facts. After I wrote a grant application for Leif Erikson Day, Eric was the first to point out that I had the wrong date for the settlement of Westby. Then he simply smiled. How could I be upset with my error or with Eric for his correction that was served with a smile? He was a treasure of information. He was a servant to his community. He was my neighbor. He was a friend of my friends. He was my friend.”   The Leif Erikson Day Board is very sad at Eric’s passing. We know he was one of Westby’s best friends.


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